Monday, May 19, 2008

Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack

Here below a music video clip of Kung Fu Panda:

Kung Fu Panda - Kung Fu Fighting

by Cee-Lo and Jack Black

The soundtrack of Kung Fu Panda is a cover of the 1974 hit Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas. Jack Black and Cee-Lo have teamed up for the cover.

"It was inspiring and an honor to have the opportunity to reintroduce the record to a brand new audience, sprinkled with a little of me on top," Cee-Lo said.

The full soundtrack of Kung Fu Panda should be available starting May 27, with additional score from Hans Zimmer and John Powell.

Here below you may listen to the original Kung Fu Fighting song recorded by Carl Douglas in 1974:

The funky Chinatown... Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas (1974)

This song suits Kung Fu Panda very well indeed!